The food was in their destiny. In the evening, when they met in a train in Moldova, he offered a “supper dinner”, as he calls, to that boy who grew up in the company of a rather heavy friend who complained that he had not eaten. “I saw the two of them, a man of a hundred pounds and I immediately recognized the tongue. I knew they would not accept my sandwiches, they were ashamed, so I got up, went on a walk in the corridor , on my return I swallowed everything … “Domenico and Carmelo got the train moving by buying tickets from the” scalper “of the railways in Bucharest and were going to do a catering course. In that train, Amalia, a Romanian, blond, contagious smile, talking to an Arab, a former flight attendant on the Bologna-Tania route, contracted. He recognized the idiom and the “noisy” ways of doing things that he was called to stay in the cabin of an airplane. Today, Domenico and Amalia, aged 47 and 40, have a family, two children and a restaurant in the Romanian capital. A sicilian restaurant that has the “alla ghiotta” and roulades-painted sword menu because Domenico Bellantoni is from Messina and the kitchen he brought with him in this work and life project with A-malia. She graduated the languages ​​- as you can imagine from the phone with which the receiver purchased – the “head” of the situation, the manager and teach this corner of Sicily in the center of Bucharest, recognized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania, a an Italian restaurant of excellence in the world (besides being the only typical Sicilian in Ro-mania). The Sicily region, thanks to the Milan Expo 2015, awarded Bellantoni the title of the authentic Sicilian stove. The restaurant is called “Belli Sici-liani”, and Sicilian beauties are theirs. In order to get the real cannoli, they also opened a 30-kilometer lactation, where they produce fresh ricotta, mozzarella, burrata, primosalee freshly flavored with pi-stachki or hot pepper. with sicilian-painted dishes), in addition to agliarancini and cannoli (the customer can create his own chocolate relish with ricotta, chocolate cream, vanilla and pistachio), vadalla pasta and beans with caponata, pasta and onions pisci stoccualla missinisi. “There are so many so-called Italian restaurants in every European capital, but then Italy has nothing,” says Domenico Bel-Lantoni with pride, “either for winning reasons or for adapting to -polazione. Quifanno Carbonara with milk or lapanna, becomes a soup.From not to our existence, our carbonate is the original one, and we explain it to our customers.We do not use robaprecotta or bad quality products to save money. , on the first page of the menu, we feel that the wait will be about thirty minutes, just to cook everything at this moment. “Specialties are, unlike what you can think of, fish dishes. Fresh fish from Messina or Reggio Calabria every week. “We have a deal with a friend of mine who has a big hotel in Sofia. He ordered a large quantity of fish and the Romanian player passed here and delivered us the fish, from there to Sofia there are 300 km, we divide spending together. “The most popular dish is the first

An Italian messenger from abroad and his “crusade” in favor of the authenticity of local dishes

COURTYARD. Outdoor area of the Romanian restaurant by Domenicoed Amalia Bellantoni. It is set up as a true Sicilian courtyard with jars, spinach wheels, and roasted pear plants in clay pots.

This is how we tell Sicily to the Romanians

The chick peas is caponata nel cuore di Bucarest, in a passe che scopre il del cibo di paste fresca con pesce e frutti dimare, lo chiamano “cartoccio im-periale” e c’è di tutto, pomodorociliegino, cozze e vongole, scorfa -no, tonno, pesce spada, and secondadella disponibilità giornaliera. Ilprezzo? The Euro Ventilator, “Mé c’è dentro almeno mezzo chilo di pe-sce”. At the ricket, Amalia is Domeni-co l’hanno spesso spiegata in tele vision. Sono, infatti, due volti co-nosciti della tv romena dove pul-lulano, anche lì, programes sullacucina stile “La prova del cuoco”.

Domenico and Amalia Bellantoni from Messina in Romania have a genuine Sicilian restaurant in Bucharest and were elected by the Sicilian Region as members of Sicily in the world

CASEIFICIO Under the photo of restorers, dairy where cheeses are prepared, then used in the kitchen, the fresh fish on the right side, allaricotta anarchy and chocolate

We hope that we will be selected as judges of the Master Chef edition – Amalia hopes – there are plenty of culinary shows and each television has its own. Media gastromania spread in Romania and is exploited as a business especially if we speak Italian Italian edieta Mediterranean “Anyone who wants to make money if he has an Italian restaurant – observes Amalia – but people who go to Italy and even more in Sicily know what they say and appreciate our cooking.” “There are at least three pastry chefs,” says Bellelloni chef, “who make cannons re-filled with mascarpone and show them on the window for a week or people who make ice cream ice cream and sell it, but those who do not know nulladella from Italian cuisine “.Amalia reiterates that the concept has no hair on the tongue:” We are the only traditional restaurants in all of Romania, on Tri-Padvisor we are among the top three, but because we do not pay them. There are local guides who ask for scores last year, Domenico won with a great rattlesnake and a bottarga. “” When the atavola sets us up – adds chef Bellanto-ni – we are informed that there are no accompanying sauces – because here pizza does at least two inches tall and half a kilo of ketchup on the top – and no strange things. With us it is clear that there is nothing, we only have extra virgin olive oil at the most a-romatizzato with regular peppers. “The helmet of Bellantonil’elle was made in Messina.” He himself worked with the historian Nunnarie, then Costa Croce, but only for a few months. “Bucharest was not just a love affair.” When I arrived, it was perceived to be a visually growing city, in fact – confesses – my first objective at the beginning was South Africa, I would have moved there if I did not meet my wife. Today they are happy with the work that we have done, Bucharest is a European capital like others, of course not all of Romania is Bucharest, it must be said. “Domenico Bellantoni is the youngest brother of six (four brothers and two sisters), who are living in the footsteps of the father of the” maestru “of the pisci de ghiotta sau delragù. The chef’s sisters, who are often in Romania to help the restaurant, but the fixed kitchen brigade is made up of thirteen people. “He always said he did not want to do this life – recalls Amalia – the restaurant, you know, is demanding, now I will be the first to not return, I leave my job after 19 years with various airlines, not the last of the pavilion here in Rome. However, in Italy, there is a law in Romania that can be in suspense at the age of 40, especially if you have small children and with the two children of 8 and 4 years old, it seemed the right choice. I stayed home for five years now, and now I’m working at the restaurant, too, and I’m messing up. “Four halls, 80 seats, non-stop, the restaurant is a pleasant business from all points of view. But it has a sincere personality that can be seen right from the decor, dominating the yellow, the chairs are peeled like the Sicilian carts, and all the tablecloths bear the shape of the island, a “logo” that is useless to say, of the restaurant, in the two colors “red and yellow.” The wine is Sicilian, produced by Bellino’s cousin in Milazzo, there are other labels, Sempresicilian, the spirit is and remains the one of “self-made” is garlic, even drinks are strictly Sicilian Cisono neither Coca nor Pepsi in Belli Siciliani frigorieri, gazzosa, chinotto and cola come from a As a flour and tomatoes, first of all for pizza coming from another Sicilian company, even vanilla oranges, a real treachery here in Budapest: “Nobody believes this – I think I put in her the flavor of vain, c they understand they are really so open. For red oranges, I’m also willing to pay for five pounds. “But who is the typical customer?” Tourists – Domenico and Amalia –

There are supposed cannoli suppliers who fill them with dimascarpone and keep them in a showcase for a week People who make frozen gelato and sell it to those who have no idea what kind of Italian cuisine is the restaurant is a beautiful commitment from all viewpoints. But he has a sincere personality that can be seen right from the decoration, dominating the yellow, the chairs are de-corroded like the Sicilian carts, and all the tablecloths carry the island’s “logo”, useless to say, of the restaurant, in the two colors “Istituto U” red and yellow. “Wine is Sicilian, produced by Bellino’s cousin in Milazzo, there are other labels, Sempresicilian, but mood is and remains the” self-made “is garlic. they are strictly Sicilian, neither Cison nor Coca, nor Pepsi, in Belli Siciliani, gazzosa, chinotto and cola, come from a Catania company. another Sicilian company, even vanilla oranges, a real betrayal here in Budapest: “Nobody believes this – I think I put in her the vain taste when they understand I’m really so open. For red oranges, I’m also willing to pay for five pounds. “But who is the typical customer?” Tourists – the list of Domenico and Amalia – including many Italians, the main kind being 50% Romanians and foreigners. At 99.9 percent command burrata and arancini, we have about twenty flavors, from caponate to sepia ink, made at that time. And we also tell them he does not have a knife and a fork

source: Twitter: @carmengreco612