What we missed was finding a fixed place on our heart in this great Bucharest and full of restaurants and hip and cool and trendy bars!

The Belli Siciliani restaurant was discovered by chance and it was love at the first tasting.

Situated on Matasari 47, next to the Turkish restaurant Anatolia (where before the Sultan restaurant), the Italian-style restaurant is so small that it does not even get you in the eye.

Atmosphere and decoration

You do not expect anything stylish, modern, novel or crafty. It looks perfect with a family restaurant from Bella Italia, the kind you come in because you know how good food is.

We stayed at the top of the room (it also has a basement base, non-smoking, where we did not come in) – a small room decorated with paintings with Italian landscapes and many bottles of wine.

We have appreciated, however, the attention for details – tablecloths, salons, ashtrays, all have the symbols of Italy, are specific to this area and offer a sense of authenticity.

Belli Siciliani works as a confectionary, so as you come in, you’ll see a showcase full of cookies.

We were served by a very nice, kind lady, who made us recommendations and moved quickly without disturbing us in any way.

It even brought us two mini-cups, home-made dessert at the end!


Belli Siciliani says you will have Italian authentic cuisine, cooks, recipes and ingredients exclusively from Italy.

The menu is not very thick and contains the basic dishes: pasta, salads, pizza, and some types of chicken, beef or fish dishes.

The prices are sensational and we say that because for some time I have not been in a place where we can eat for little money.

For example, pasta is between 14 and 16 lei, only those with seafood reaching 27 lei, pizza is 20 lei, salads 14-21 lei.

There is no menu of drinks, but we can tell you that a glass of wine (very good, otherwise) costs 10 lei.

What we ordered

We wanted to try several kinds of food, and as we were hungry, we chose it: lasagna (14 lei), spaghetti alla carbonara (14 lei) and a pizza quatro formaggi (24 lei).

Lasagna does not look very attractive, but it was extremely fresh and tasty. The pasta felt like they were made in the house and we liked the flavor they had, and the pizza was made in the oven with a thin and good top.

One over the other, we even ate well and we were tired. The portions were great and felt the experience of the Italian chef.

Conclusion </ strong>

We highly recommend you go to Belli Siciliani, especially when you have Italian appetite. It’s an intimate place, the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable, so we invite you to try it out, and then let us know how you looked.

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