Martin Huynh

Great place it feels like Sicilia, lovely and very passionate people, delicious home-made food. Recommend this place. I'll definitely go back there!
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Aniela Nuta
8 octombrie 2016 00:20

Great option if you want to feel just how Bella life really is.
Snuggly little place near Piața Iancului, with authentic Italian cuisine.
Very friendly staff and nice little garden for when warm outside.
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Andrei Dimitriu
11 august 2016 23:32

Great Italiano restaurant! Loved the pizza and tried a horse steak.
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Anda-Monica Morait
7 noiembrie 2016 21:11

The best calamaro from Romania .real Sicily at center of Bucharest.
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David Grau Peñas
6 decembrie 2015 13:15

Great Italian food at reasonable prices. After three meals there, I can safely say that I'm in love with the place. The shrimp and zucchini home-made pasta is my favourite. The desserts are amazing.
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